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Below are examples of how Leonie has solved some of our clients’ challenges.

Measures of Effectiveness (MOE)


A client wanted to gain better insight into how effective their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) were in countering adversarial strategies. Data collection did not support the effective analysis they sought. They had no analysis processes in place. They were short-staffed, focused solely on the mission and had no time for proper data analysis.


Leonie developed a comprehensive data collection and analysis plan, including measures of effectiveness (MOE) to analyze operational objectives. Our analysts worked closely with tacticians to ensure fast and easy data collection. After implementing the plan and establishing a baseline trend, the client was able to use the detailed and accurate information to adapt their TTPs and significantly improve their ability to respond to the evolving adversarial strategies.

Decision Analysis


A client organization wanted to know which reconstruction projects created the most good will for the local population, and whether there was significant correlation between enemy attacks at reconstruction sites and projects, which created the most good will.


Leonie analysts conducted interviews with staff and combined this information with a local population perception and attitude survey. Our subject matter experts applied relevant ORSA tools and methods and helped our client determine how best to align security teams across reconstruction sites where there was a higher expectation of good will. This resulted in a 50% decrease in successful attacks. It also allowed our client to focus on projects that created the most good will for the money spent.

Scarce Resource Allocation


A client was not receiving sufficient resources to meet mission requirements and asked Leonie to investigate possible underlying causes.


Leonie analysts discovered that only approximately half of the significant events within their area of operations had been reported to the relevant decision makers. Subsequently, project leadership used this information to determine how and where to better allocate scarce resources across several subordinate organizations.

Leonie analysts helped the organization to:
  • Realize a 35% increase in resource request approvals by higher-level leadership
  • Identify and respond to trends within their area of operations which allowed for optimal resource allocation planning and a greater operational effectiveness
  • Attain a more sophisticated understanding of the importance of reporting significant events to create accurate situational awareness beyond the client area of operations

International Development


According to a 2007 Human Rights Watch report, Latin American "armed groups are among the worst violators of international norms against the recruitment and use of child soldiers," and, at one point, approximately 20-30% of the recruits were minors, most of them being forced to join. Millions demonstrated against armed guerilla groups in February 2008, and many were forced into remote areas. Leonie was called in to implement efforts to counter the recruiting of youths by armed groups in hard-to-reach areas of Latin America.


The Leonie team implemented a community outreach campaign in partnership with police and Ministry of Defense, traveling to remote areas to directly engage children and adolescents, as well as community leaders, exposing the detrimental effects of recruitment of extremist groups on families and local communities. The outreach projects demonstrated socially constructive and economically viable alternatives to counter the efforts by armed guerrilla groups to recruit children and adolescents.

This outreach project included special events enabling participants to interact with other youths who left various extremist groups, and employed compelling audio/visual media designed to communicate culturally-effective messages to each local community.

Leonie provided monitoring and evaluation of the campaign at each location, and provided feedback to the clients on approaches to improve methodology, content, equipment and implementation services at each site.

Our team developed relationships with local governments, and trained community leaders to continue the project organically, facilitating the sustainment of the project by the community.

  • Radicalization of the youth and recruitment into armed guerilla groups significantly declined as a direct result of this program.
  • Sustainability was enabled by demonstrating the benefits of the project to local leaders, allowing them to take ownership of the program.
  • Leonie assisted stakeholders in creating a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of the overall counter-recruiting program.
  • Based on the success of this program, similar programs are being investigated in various Latin American countries.

Strategy-To-Task Alignment


In Afghanistan, U.S. planners grapple with the burden of nation-building in the midst of counter-insurgency. Leonie supports several programs that provide assistance to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and provide vital humanitarian aid to the Afghan civilian population.


At the heart of this effort, Leonie analysts work with U.S. and Afghan leaders to:
  • Identify reconstruction efforts of greatest significance to the local population
  • Scrutinize perceptions and attitudes toward U.S. and Afghan leadership and policies
  • Assist decision makers to achieve a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the impact of counter-insurgency operations
  • Directly and positively impact resource allocation through improved data collection and analysis of significant friendly and insurgent activities

Our clients tell us that they continually face doing more with less, in an environment of rapidly changing priorities. Now, more than ever, they must make tough choices, create new strategies, and produce measurable results.

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